Natural Remedies for Male Infertility

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Male infertility is simply defined as the inability to produce healthy sperm. Although a man might be embarrassed to admit that he has a fertility problem, but it is equally important that he undergoes fertility testing. Male infertility is a highly manageable condition with current medical treatment. Male infertility is indicated when, after checking both partners, problems in reproductive function have been identified in the male partner.

Male infertility is the underlying reason for 40% of infertile couples using assisted reproduction technologies. Male infertility is caused by chronic prostatitis in 50-60% cases. Without effective treatment of this disease recovery of male fertility is unlikely.

Couples are generally advised to seek medical help if they are unable to achieve pregnancy after a year of unprotected intercourse. The doctor conducts a physical examination of both partners to determine their general state of health and to evaluate physical factors that may be causing infertility. Couples with antisperm antibodies should be referred to a reproductive endocrinologist for further evaluation and treatment.

Approximately 40% of reported cases of infertility are due to problems in the male; another 40% to problems in the female; the remaining 20% are of unknown cause or due to problems in both the male and female.

Sperm production is controlled by a series of hormones produced in a small gland called the pituitary. Most men have normal levels of these hormones but occasionally, the pituitary gland can malfunction and production of these hormones is affected. Spermatozoa ( sperm ) are relatively fragile cells and are easily damaged by a number of environmental and life style habits. Increased body temperature resulting from illness, prolonged periods of sitting in hot tubs, or tight clothing can affect sperm production and function.

Sperm require three months to develop and a semen analysis done today reflects conditions three months ago. One of the more common causes of male infertility is abnormal temperature increases in the testicles. Sperm count and motility are primarily bulk parameters, while newer measures address cell membrane integrity, sperm capacitation and ability to acrosome react as well as sperm-egg interaction. With the advent of in vitro fertilization, we can now directly assess sperm fertilizing ability. Sperm counts appear to differ by region. Temperature and climate may play some role in the differences seen from country to country and from year to year.

Zinc and folic acid are also great sperm builders. These additional nutrients to maca root and orange juice should all be taken in high-quality natural supplement form-as well as in diet form. Zinc deficiency can lead to reduced numbers of sperm and impotence in men, although the correlation between blood levels of zinc and sperm quality remains controversial. Reportedly, infertile men have lower levels of zinc in their semen, than men with normal fertility.

For those who are searching for natural ways to increase sperm and improve fertility, you may want to research and consider the following:

Lega-C was designed to increase fertility in men. While there can be more than one factor contributing to infertility, many of these factors can be successfully addressed with the use of herbs and vitamins. The herbs in the formula are used to increase the production, quality, and quantity in the areas of male fertility. The biggest successes have come from those who have combined herbs with the appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements. Many men seldom receive the essential vitamins and minerals that are pertinent to their reproductive health. Lega-C contains extracts of: Eleuthero Root, Tribulus Terrestris Fruit, Pygeum Bark, Horny Goat Weed Leaf and Astragalus Root.

Progentor IV is a natural solution to improve male responsiveness. It restores sustained ability and natural male performance. Those afflicted with cardiovascular disease, peptic ulcers, kidney malfunctions, or using tricyclic/anti-depressants should not use Yohimbe. Caution should be exercised when using anticoagulants such as Aspirin or Warfarin along with Ginkgo Biloba. Hypertension patients should not use large quantities of Ginseng as it can cause elevated blood pressure. Contains: Yohimbe Bark, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha Root, Eleuthero Root and Tribulus Terrestris Fruit.

SemenRX is an all natural supplement that increases not only the volume of the semen, but the way semen looks and is ejaculated from the penis. It promises more powerful orgasms and an increase in sexual desire and energy. Semen Trigonellae Foenum-Graecum or Fenugreek seed help reduce urinary glucose levels: Studies on diabetic animals have found fenugreek seed to help reduce urinary glucose levels. The seeds contain the alkaloid trogonelline, nicotinic acid and coumarin.

Semenax has been formulated with the exact blend and proportions to give the astonishing effects that you desired including an increase semen production. These astonishing effects include longer and more intense orgasms every time, bigger and more impressive loads of semen, superior ejaculation, whiter and more robust texture and appearance of semen, increased contraction strength, and overall improved sexual function and response. Semenax has consistently scored high points in comparison with the many male enhancement products available on the market.

Prostalex Plus is the natural solution for infertility due to prostitis. Prostalex Plus is an all-natural, non-prescription supplement that dramatically reduces an enlarged prostate and helps relieve uncomfortable, frequent and other related urination issues. The formula contains 11 hand-selected, high-quality ingredients that work together to restore proper prostate function and health. Prostalex Plus is a natural supplement that relieves discomfort from an enlarged prostate.

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