Reasons For Infertility – The Most Common Issues

Dean Caporella asked:

When trying to come up for the reasons for infertility a couple can quickly develop a negative mindset and begin to blame many circumstances. One of the main things they need to concentrate on is to stay positive and believe their time will come.

It’s only in the case of unexplained infertility cases where answers aren’t available that perhaps some tags such as unfair can be bandied about. Still, staying positive will keep your emotions in check and more importantly, keep a relationship on track.

Reasons For Infertility

Let’s examine some of the reasons someone may be infertile. In women, the obvious reason may be age. The older a woman gets then the less likely she is of becoming pregnant. In fact, fertility starts to decline as early as the 30’s and once a woman reaches forty, the odds are starting to be stacked against her.

Age brings with it natural changes in a woman’s ovaries and eggs. Eggs in particular diminish in quality with age not to mention in quantity. There is also no guarantee the ovaries will produce eggs on a regular basis as she gets older. Then comes the onset of menopause and if a child hasn’t been conceived by then, she’s run her race.

Other factors such as drinking, alcohol and other substance abuse is known to contribute to the quantity and quality of eggs produced each month by the ovaries.

Male Infertility

When looking for reasons for infertility in men, the most common factor is the quality, quantity and life span of his sperm. Sperm count can be affected in many ways and as with women, any abuse of substances such as alcohol, drugs and smoking can seriously impact the quality of a man’s sperm.

Other issues such as malformed sperm, erectile problems, ejaculation or issues with their ejaculation ducts can all play a part in infertility issues.

Other Issues

Other reasons for infertility have to do with health issues. Reproductive organs which are compromised because of diseases and conditions will seriously impact the ability to conceive. Fallopian tubes, the pathway for the eggs to make their way into the uterus, can be blocked.

Hormone issues are another area of concern. This affects both men and women and can either lead to infertility in women or have impotence repercussions in men.

We’ve presented just a few possible reasons for infertility but there are many more issues which can delay or prevent conception. This is one of the reasons why it sometimes takes years to get to the bottom of the problem. Conception is a delicate process and both men and women need to be functioning in the right alignment for it to take place.

Just one problem in either can cause issues. Good news is, in the majority of infertility cases, the problem is eventually sorted out through thorough testing procedures and that’s why you should never be discouraged at the first sign of infertile issues.