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Most doctors definitively call a couple “infertile” when the couple has had unprotected intercourse for a period of one year or more, with no pregnancies. Almost the very moment men and women are declared to be infertile, the infertility treatment options are discussed and evaluations and testings can begin.  Infertility treatment is usually undergone by the couple as a unit, as studies have shown that males are at least partially responsible for the partner’s inability to become pregnant in about 50% of couples.

There are many infertility treatment plans prescribed to men.  There are natural infertility treatment options as well as more intensive- even surgical infertility treatment possibilities.  Before a couple decides to start any infertility treatment option that requires surgery or extensive testing of the male body for “defects”, they should consider a few ‘do-it-yourself’ infertility treatment options.

The type of male infertility treatment prescribed by doctors will depend on test results, and the doctor’s theory for the reason of infertility.  Many doctors will suggest artificial insemination for infertility treatment, particularly if the cause of infertility is due to low semen volumes in the male or cervical hostility in the female partner.

An infertility treatment you can “try at home’ before putting your reproductive future in the hands of your doctor involves removing toxins from your environment that may be inhibiting the healthy growth of sperm.  People in general are exposed to a large number of toxins daily- although many can be removed or reduced to safer levels and should be whenever infertility treatment is required.

Purchase a quality water filter to remove chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and allergens.  Consider a filter for your shower as well, since the hot water helps your body absorb the toxins.  Avoid cleaning products as much as possible by switching to green cleaning products, or hiring a professional cleaning service.  Don’t use chemical pesticides on gardens.  Be aware of the paint in your home and whether or not it has lead.  If your paint contains lead, be sure to take proper precautions to reduce risk.

By reducing the amount of toxins you are exposed to on a regular basis, you are providing a healthier environment in which to live.  As an infertility treatment, healthier living can serve to produce healthier and stronger sperm, and therefore increase your possibility of a pregnancy.

Causes And Treatments For Male Infertility

Cindy Heller asked:

Infertility is often thought as related to female but the facts are otherwise as up to fifty percent of the causes are due to male. From the underlying statistics, it is essential for the male to get tested as much as it is for the female. It could put men in a very compromising and embarrassing situation but early testing can save the women a lot of unnecessary pain and provide the couples with ready and definite answers to their infertility.

Many solutions are available for men who are infertile and you just need to know where to seek help. For conception to take place, the male have to be able to fertilize the egg in the right manner. If this does not take place, the causes are numerous and varied, therefore seeking solutions and treatments are essential in order for the couples to conceive.

There are wide varieties of treatment choices that can be found in today context and whichever treatments are dependable on the kind of infertility problems that you are encountering. In order for the right kind of treatments to be applied, you and your physician have to understand the type of infertility problem you are facing.

The infertility cause has to be indentified and not some unknown causes. Once the cause is found, the physician will have to determine how defective the sperm is and then the age of the female partner. Upon determination, the course of male infertility treatment can begin.

Certain causes of infertility are because of problems with the sperm and the seminal fluid or what is known as the reproductive organs. Generally there are definite causes and the right male infertility treatments are applied. A very widespread cause of male infertility is Varicocele and it is the result of problem with the varicose veins that are located in the path of the spermatic journey.

The varicose veins will be bigger than usual and do not dilate like before and there are a few signs to look out for. One of the symptoms is bigger than usual dilated veins that are found in the scrotum. Another symptom is a big swell, protuberance or inflammation on the scrotum area that is unproblematic.

Some do not show any signs but for those problems, get an examination and remove the blockages to let the blood to flow normally. Surgical procedure is also used to repair the problem veins. With that the rate of pregnancy can be up to forty percent and it can take place in nine month after undergoing the treatment.

Another common problem is low sperm count and it is known as oligiospermis. With that a test will be carried out to determine the right sperm count, in addition to seeking out abnormality in shape and movement of the sperm. For those with low sperm count, wearing loose clothing, doing on diet, abstaining from smoking and stop taking hot bath and saunas will be helpful. Absence of sperm is known as azoospermia but most issues can be treated if the right infertility treatment is applied.

For that form of male infertility treatment, an infertility pill known as Clomiphene citrate is used to stimulate the production of sperm in male as well as assisting the female to ovulate. Such treatment will greatly improve the sperm count in six months but there is a need to re-examine once every three months.

Besides that, a few changes in your behavior can be effective, such as lesser intercourse for low sperm count to make certain that the sperm is increase dramatically in the ensuing period.

One of the better treatments for male infertility is through artificial insemination where the sperm and eggs are taken out with the fertilization occurring outside the womb. It is usually for those with low sperm count as just one sperm is needed to be injected to the egg. The age of the female will also be a determining factor as women get older; the success rate is much lower. On the other hand a combination of infertility treatment can be effective.

Seek the help of the health care providers for your male infertility problem and with the right type of treatments and the proper diagnosis, conception can occur. With so many diverse treatment options available, the percentage of conceiving is greatly enhanced. If all else fail, there is always adoption and the joy you bought forth to the orphaned child can greatly compensate your inability to conceive.

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