Breeding Dogs And Infertility

Cindy Heller asked:

Dog infertility most likely sounds like something that is not that serious. Dog infertility is certainly not like human infertility. For dog breeders, it is devastating to find out that the male and female dogs that were purchased for that purpose can’t have babies. They are unfavorable to the livelihood of the dog breeder.

There a quite a bunch of different variants to factor in when you are considering the breeding dogs and the infertility problems you can experience. You will need to have a good veterinarian that you can trust ready to assist you before, during, and after the pregnancy to make sure that all goes as close to the plans you have for the experience as possible.

The reproductive process in dogs is much more complicated than what you can imagine. You need to learn everything you can about the dogs reproductive organs and system before you decide to breed them. Breeding dog’s problems can be better understood if you have a clear understanding of how things are supposed to work. You must study and learn to know about when your dog is in normal cycles and when will the dog going into the heat cycle. You will also need to be familiar with the roll of pregnancy ad all the problems and other things that can and will go wrong in breeding. Breeding dogs and infertility can be fixed when you can catch it before it gets to be a really bad situation. Learning how to care for the puppies after the birth will get you wonderful animals that you might be able to make into breeding dogs and infertility will be past.

To make sure that your breeding dogs and infertility don’t come together. You need to visit the veterinarian to have your dog tested and scan for any problems with disease or with bacterial infections that can cause your breeding dog and infection to meet. There are a lot of problems of the medical variety that will be an obstacle to the natural order of conception in your animals.

Causes of Dogs Infertility

The major reason of dog infertility is the timing of the breeding. Just as with human breeding, you will have to do the act at the right time or pregnancy will not occur. Your dogs could be fine but, the period of ovulation was miscalculated. This means that you may just need to have the female and male dog try again on the next cycle. This problem attributes about eighty percent of the amount of female dogs that do not get pregnant. The second largest reason for dog infertility is that the male dog that the female is being bred with is infertile himself. In this case, you will not know until you have the male dog tested. This is usually not done until the breeder or owner has problems with them conceiving. Dog infertility in males is rather common.

Female cycles are just as important as a women cycle is. If the female dog is not coming into heat the way she should, she will also experience dog infertility. There are a few different other medical causes that lead to dog infertility problems. Some are structural in nature and some of them are bacterial. Whatever the problem is that is causing the dog infertility, the veterinarian can help you to decide how to best treat it.

Puppies Everywhere

Breeders and some pet owners would like to have puppies running around everywhere. It is not possible if the male and female dog that you have has infertility. When you make a decision to breed your dog, you need to learn about every aspect of the job. It is not as simple as letting the animals go at it and puppies are born. There are tiny details that can not be overlooked for the best set of puppies you can have. Breeding dogs and infertility can cause very costly problems for you and medical problems for the dog. It is very important for the veterinarian to be involved in every stage of breeding dogs so that everything runs can run smoothly as possible. If dog infertility is something you may be concerned about for your animal, have them check out.

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Male Infertility – Causes and Treatments

julie gardner asked:

When you’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year and still nothing seems to be happening, there’s always that question. ‘Is there something wrong?’ A choice has to made as to whether testing is the road that you will take as a couple. It’s not just the woman who will be tested for infertility, it’s the man as well. Approximately 30% of conception problems is due to male infertility.

Male infertility causes

Male infertility can be caused by a number of reasons, and testing will be carried out for various problems.

The one that most people already know about is mumps. Mumps can cause testicles to swell, leading to a drop in sperm production. STD’s – Sexually transmitted diseases can cause problems with conception. Genetic illness can cause infertility. Hormone problems. Vasectomy reversal. Enlarged veins around the testicles. Cancer treatments can stop sperm production temporarily or for good. Some treatments damage the sperm producing cells. There may also be a psychological reason behind the infertility. Blockages in tubes can lead to low quantity or no sperm at all. Poor sperm motility. Malformed sperm.

There are course other male infertility causes. Recreational drugs can lower sperm quantity and quality, as can some prescribed medicines.

Smoking and drinking can also contribute towards male infertility.

Anabolic steroids can stop sperm production altogether. They may make your muscles look big, but that’s about the only plus point!

There is good news, male infertility can be treated. Sometimes you may get male infertility treatments on the NHS, or you may have to go to a specialist clinic. There are of course alternative treatments for male infertility. Some men swear by herbal treatments or acupuncture, just be sure to see a qualified practitioner.

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