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Many of us suffer from what is commonly known as infertility. Infertility treatments exist for those who require it most -the would-be mothers who cannot produce a child, the hopeful fathers who long for a son, this is what treatments such as HCG Pregnyl are aimed at; the ones who are in desperate need of a miracle. Many treatments exist, but none are as effective as the one that is outlined in the article below. Restore your faith in the science of reproduction and discover the wonder drug that is Pregnyl.When used in conjunction with other infertility treatments, HCG Pregnyl will be far more successful than simply using it as a singular medication. As a man with a low sperm count, HCG Pregnyl will drastically increase it and this has been proven through scientific research. In the case of the female, rapid ovulation is induced, this leads to an increase in the likelihood of the sperm fertilising the egg. This is as simple as adding two and two together. More sperm production plus rapid ovulation equates to the possible conception of a child! The possibility of these events occurring in an infertile couple is not likely, so bring on the HCG Pregnyl and let the reproduction begin!

There are of course associated risks involved with these drugs, as there are with many drugs of this nature. The side effects are many, but the rewards are greater. For those who have a healthy expectation regarding the possible risks and rewards of Pregnyl, they will reap the most benefits.

Those who wish to purchase Pregnyl may have noticed that it goes under the name of Ovidrel and Novarel, do not fear however as these two medications are the same as Pregnyl, they just appear under a different alias. If you are with a partner and you have both tried whatever it takes to fall pregnant then trust HCG Pregnyl for an effective medical miracle as it were.

For anyone that is wishing to use the HCG Pregnyl course of infertility treatments, it would be prudent to first confirm with your doctor or medical advisor before undertaking this serious treatment. See below for a list of possible conditions that may exclude you from taking Pregnyl:

* For anyone who has a form of Asthma or difficulty breathing * Ovarian cysts * A form of heart disease or myocardial complications * Migraines that are common, with shooting pains * Any kidney disease, whether in the past or recently diagnosed * If you have had or were in the past treated for Ovarian cancer * Prostate cancer is another inclusion * Convulsions, possibly related to seizures * If you have ever had any form of allergic reaction to HCG, related hormones, different medicines, foods, dyes or unnatural preservatives. * If you are of course, already pregnant * If you are breast feeding These symptoms will adversely interfere with the effects that HCG Pregnyl delivers.

If you are ready to change your life, then now is the time for a dosage of HCG Pregnyl. Pregnyl is injected deep into the muscle and starts its magic once it has mingled with the blood stream. Call your doctor and get them to prescribe a dosage of HCG Pregnyl if you are in need of its life changing applications.

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