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Many of us suffer from what is commonly known as infertility. Infertility treatments exist for those who require it most -the would-be mothers who cannot produce a child, the hopeful fathers who long for a son, this is what treatments such as HCG Pregnyl are aimed at; the ones who are in desperate need of a miracle. Many treatments exist, but none are as effective as the one that is outlined in the article below. Restore your faith in the science of reproduction and discover the wonder drug that is Pregnyl.When used in conjunction with other infertility treatments, HCG Pregnyl will be far more successful than simply using it as a singular medication. As a man with a low sperm count, HCG Pregnyl will drastically increase it and this has been proven through scientific research. In the case of the female, rapid ovulation is induced, this leads to an increase in the likelihood of the sperm fertilising the egg. This is as simple as adding two and two together. More sperm production plus rapid ovulation equates to the possible conception of a child! The possibility of these events occurring in an infertile couple is not likely, so bring on the HCG Pregnyl and let the reproduction begin!

There are of course associated risks involved with these drugs, as there are with many drugs of this nature. The side effects are many, but the rewards are greater. For those who have a healthy expectation regarding the possible risks and rewards of Pregnyl, they will reap the most benefits.

Those who wish to purchase Pregnyl may have noticed that it goes under the name of Ovidrel and Novarel, do not fear however as these two medications are the same as Pregnyl, they just appear under a different alias. If you are with a partner and you have both tried whatever it takes to fall pregnant then trust HCG Pregnyl for an effective medical miracle as it were.

For anyone that is wishing to use the HCG Pregnyl course of infertility treatments, it would be prudent to first confirm with your doctor or medical advisor before undertaking this serious treatment. See below for a list of possible conditions that may exclude you from taking Pregnyl:

* For anyone who has a form of Asthma or difficulty breathing * Ovarian cysts * A form of heart disease or myocardial complications * Migraines that are common, with shooting pains * Any kidney disease, whether in the past or recently diagnosed * If you have had or were in the past treated for Ovarian cancer * Prostate cancer is another inclusion * Convulsions, possibly related to seizures * If you have ever had any form of allergic reaction to HCG, related hormones, different medicines, foods, dyes or unnatural preservatives. * If you are of course, already pregnant * If you are breast feeding These symptoms will adversely interfere with the effects that HCG Pregnyl delivers.

If you are ready to change your life, then now is the time for a dosage of HCG Pregnyl. Pregnyl is injected deep into the muscle and starts its magic once it has mingled with the blood stream. Call your doctor and get them to prescribe a dosage of HCG Pregnyl if you are in need of its life changing applications.

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How to Treat Female Infertility With Herbs

As we mentioned in previous articles, infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world. Because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist.We have spent most of the time in this series discussing the conventional and Chinese medicine in treating fertility. I believe, it is the best time to change the subject by discussing how red raspberry effects women fertility.I. Definition Red raspberry also known as raspberry or rubus ideaus, is a edible fruit species belongs to genus Rubus. It has been used in many cultures in assisting pregnancy due to it’s antioxidant properties.

II. How Red Raspberry effects fertility 1. Antioxidant Red raspberry contains high amount of anthocyanin pigments which is one of many powerful antioxidant existed in the fruit. Beside helping to fight against infection and inflammation caused by foreign invasion, it also helps to improve immune function in regulating cell growth as well as fighting against the forming of it’s antibody antigent that reduce the risk of abnormal immune function in attacking it’s own tissues, including sperm.

2. Fiber Fiber is important for the regulating the blood levels in our body. Without or not enough of it may cause fluctuation of insulin, leading to food craving, symptoms of irregular menstrual cycle that increase the risk of infertility.

3. Vitamins and minerals Red raspberry contains high levels of important vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, B complex, folic acid, magnesium, copper and iron which is not only vitals for maintaining maintaining the regular function of our body’s organs, but also helps to improve the regular menstrual cycle by providing the necessary blood flow to the reproductive organs, resulting in enhancing the chance of fertility.

4. Quercetin Quercetin besides is a powerful natural antioxidant by inhibiting enzymes, such as lipoxygenase which cause inflammation in our body, it also helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood stream, leading to increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organ that are important for a regular menstrual cycle.

5. Gallic acid Gallic acid is a colourless crystalline aromatic compound, Beside helping to fight against cell oxidate damage, it also has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that is essential for maintaining a healthy reproductive system against infection.

6. Anthocyanins Anthocyanins is also one of the flavonoids, besides helping to strengthen the immune system, it also helps to regulate the DNA duplication of cell in the body resulting in lessoning the risk of irregular cell growth in the abdominal region.

7. Cyanidins Study shows that cyanidins inhibit development of obesity and diabetes, thereby decreasing the risk of fertility caused by symptoms of diabetes ( fluctuation of insulin and decreasing blopd flow to the reproductive organs) and overweight ( hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone and premenstrual syndrome)

III. Risks and Side effects There is no known risk and side effect, if not overdose. For the best pregnancy self help program review, please visit For series of Infertility Articles, please visit

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Home Male Infertility Treatment

Most doctors definitively call a couple “infertile” when the couple has had unprotected intercourse for a period of one year or more, with no pregnancies. Almost the very moment men and women are declared to be infertile, the infertility treatment options are discussed and evaluations and testings can begin.  Infertility treatment is usually undergone by the couple as a unit, as studies have shown that males are at least partially responsible for the partner’s inability to become pregnant in about 50% of couples.

There are many infertility treatment plans prescribed to men.  There are natural infertility treatment options as well as more intensive- even surgical infertility treatment possibilities.  Before a couple decides to start any infertility treatment option that requires surgery or extensive testing of the male body for “defects”, they should consider a few ‘do-it-yourself’ infertility treatment options.

The type of male infertility treatment prescribed by doctors will depend on test results, and the doctor’s theory for the reason of infertility.  Many doctors will suggest artificial insemination for infertility treatment, particularly if the cause of infertility is due to low semen volumes in the male or cervical hostility in the female partner.

An infertility treatment you can “try at home’ before putting your reproductive future in the hands of your doctor involves removing toxins from your environment that may be inhibiting the healthy growth of sperm.  People in general are exposed to a large number of toxins daily- although many can be removed or reduced to safer levels and should be whenever infertility treatment is required.

Purchase a quality water filter to remove chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and allergens.  Consider a filter for your shower as well, since the hot water helps your body absorb the toxins.  Avoid cleaning products as much as possible by switching to green cleaning products, or hiring a professional cleaning service.  Don’t use chemical pesticides on gardens.  Be aware of the paint in your home and whether or not it has lead.  If your paint contains lead, be sure to take proper precautions to reduce risk.

By reducing the amount of toxins you are exposed to on a regular basis, you are providing a healthier environment in which to live.  As an infertility treatment, healthier living can serve to produce healthier and stronger sperm, and therefore increase your possibility of a pregnancy.

IVF Procedure

It is common knowledge that the main objective of IVF procedure is to achieve fusing of the egg and the sperm outside the womb via artificial means. Saying that IVF is complicated would be nothing short of an understatement. It is indeed one of the most complex procedures which call forth a lot of patience and perseverance in case an individual wants to succeed in this task.Apart from the traditional five stages of IVF, there are a lot other details involved which a couple should be aware of so that they know what they are heading for. The procedure kick starts with general checkups of both male and female parent to assess the root cause of the problem i.e. difficulty in conceiving. It is also done to assess the overall health of the mother and arrive at a conclusion regarding how the treatment would take place.Even the minutest of details, such as the concise dates of the menstruation or possible allergy to any injection or drugs is also ascertained beforehand.

The first step of IVF procedure which involves ovarian stimulation commences on the third day of menstruation. The medicines which are given to the female parent at this stage are meant to trigger the growth of multiple follicles in the ovaries. This is done in a bid to make the ovaries produce more than one egg. Post the injection of medicines, constant monitoring on the growth of ovarian follicles is performed with the help of gynecologic ultrasonography. Only if the growth of the follicles is found to be satisfactory, then the process of ovulation is started voluntarily. Soon after, the eggs are removed via a transvaginal technique and are safely stored in a lab. Here the follicles are separated from the fluid and are taken forth for the next procedure, known as fertilization.

In this process, the inactive cells around the egg and the semen are separated from the sperm to promote proper fusion of the egg and the sperm. The fusion takes place in an incubated environment where the two are kept together subjected to a certain temperature, heat and light. It is interesting to note that the ratio of the egg and the sperm is generally 1: 75000. The process of fusion of the two cells can also take up to 18 hours. In certain cases, where the individual is reported to have a lower sperm count, the sperm is directly injected into the egg without waiting for it to fuse on its own.

Once the fused egg has reached to the 6-8 level of cell development, it is placed back in the mother’s uterus. The IVF procedure is definitely not as easy as it seems to be. Moreover, there are several conditions which must be fulfilled before an egg can qualify to be fused. Factors like evenness of growth and level of fragmentation are some of the chief factors which are taken into consideration while selecting the right egg.

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Acupuncture Natural Infertility Treatment

Acupuncture Infertility Treatment: A Natural Option

Acupuncture is traditionally known as an Eastern practice, and involves a trained acupuncture professional inserting needles into pressure points in their patients’ bodies.  Acupuncture has been used to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases, from headaches to indigestion- but it is currently considered a possible infertility treatment.

Exactly how can needles stuck into your skin result in a pregnancy?  The science behind acupuncture is that the needles are placed in pressure points that result in certain body reactions.  When placed in the appropriate places, the needles of acupuncture can help regulate your body and in turn- the hormones will function better.  Infertility treatment involving acupuncture is said to increase the health of a female’s ovaries and uterus by improving blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Western medicine isn’t convinced that acupuncture is a valid infertility treatment; however, most doctors believe there is no harm in trying the natural infertility treatment method.  Some Western trained doctors are referring their infertile patients to receive acupuncture as infertility treatment.

In the reproductive journal, Fertility and Sterility, released in April 2002, a study was published by German researchers.  The infertility treatment involved 160 women who participated in the acupuncture infertility treatment study, with half of the women agreeing to use acupuncture in combination with in vitro fertilization and half of the women choosing in vitro fertilization as the only method of infertility treatment.  The results of the infertility treatment showed that of the 80 patients that received two rounds of acupuncture with their in vitro fertilization, 34 pregnancies resulted; while of the 80 women who received in vitro fertilization without acupuncture, only 21 pregnancies resulted.

Acupuncture may not be a traditional infertility treatment, but for couples unwilling or not ready to try some of the more chemical or surgical infertility treatment methods- it’s definitely an option.